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Food for thought



Positive thinking 


Do we get what we want by simply being positive and have a good attitude about it? I believe so! Even if I'm not in that place mentally at the moment, unfortunately...


If you constantly are negative and your thoughts and mind can't come up with a single positive view on anything that will of course reflect in all aspects of life.


The Universe listen and react according to your way of thinking!


Just listened to Martha Beck talk about the shallow and deep desire for the wants and needs you have.


That the shallow want you have basically has to go through the Ring of Fire before you get to the Core of Peace and the desire can come true. Shallow wants and needs will never be fullfilled until you actually really want it your heart. And by that convert your thoughts towards it.


To explain... When something happens to you, the first initial reaction might be "Lets run!" if it is something difficult, and that is the Shallow talking to you... When thinking about it, going through the fires of Hell, you will reach the Core of Peace and then, most likely, your reaction towards the problem will have changed and grown to "Let's deal with this in the most productive way for me."


When you constantly say to yourself that "I can't do it!", "It's impossible", "I'm ugly" and so on, that is how you really will feel and see yourself and also the portrait you will show the rest of the world.


If you instead can say to yourself, "I'm beautiful", "I can do anything I want", "Nothing is impossible", that will change your whole being and view of yourself.


And NO! the world around you will not change over night. You will not be rich, feel good about yourself, get the job you want, find the man you long for - from one day to another. It's like a flower... You have to plant a seed, water it, nurture it, give it love and watch it grow from that seed to a beautiful flower.


Life is what you want - war within is what you have!


A wise man once said - "The only thing stopping you is YOU!" And I guess he was right. It's my own inability to believe in myself, to see the possibilities presented to me and feel good about the world around me, accept myself and my abilities, accept the world for what it is and just listen to my inner voice.


I thought I was fairly intelligent, but lately I have started to doubt that. I over analyze things, twist them, turn them - in order to find a better solution than what I find at first glance.